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Turn online data into offline sales using a single solution for every location, across every platform.  You may think people who seek products online also make their purchases online, but nothing could be further from the truth. 80% of consumers make online searches for businesses in their local area with online reviews having a significant impact on purchase decisions for 58%. At Smart 1 Ads, we want to use our Location Marketing Cloud to ensure that consumers who are searching for your products also find their way into your locations.

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Opening Times

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Potential customers search for you everywhere – not just your site.
Appearing in search results with up-to-date information is therefore imperative.

The Listings Network boosts your Google Search ranking through effective citation building, and ensures your business data is available, consistent and correct across all platforms and directories. This ensures your locations, whether one or one million, have optimized business profiles online, so you can sell more offline.

Real-time updates

Update any information for any location in real-time whenever needed. Proprietary API connections to our Listings partners ensure quick and reliable changes to your listings.

Profile protection

Enjoy continuous listings protection, as Smart 1 Ads perpetually secures the highest level of data consistency, bolstering your locations’ ranking on search engines.

Duplicate suppression

See existing duplicate listings disappear as Smart 1 Ads continuously searches for and suppresses such listings on partner platforms, boosting your local SEO across search engines.

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Ensure that consumers who are searching for your products also find their way into your business.