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Got Questions –
We have Answers

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Asked Questions

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Got Questions – We have Answers

Where will my ads appear?

Right Column – In right side next to Home or News Feed

News Feed – Appears within News Feed

Mobile Ad – Appears within the News Feed on mobile devices

Where can I send my Ads Traffic?

Your Facebook Page

Your Website

How do I know if it works?

New Website Traffic

New Facebook Fans

New Product Sales

More people visiting your establishment

More phone calls

What type of image do I need for my ad?

Image ad should be sized to 1200×628 rectangle

No more than 20% text in the image

File type .jpeg or .png

Want to do a
Test Run on Your Ad?

Check out our Facebook
Preview Tool

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Facebook Ad Preview Tool

Get a preview of your ad with going to Facebook!


Simple and Easy to Use. Let’s take a look at your new Facebook ad. Or show it to the boss before you launch!

Need a Little

We Have Collected 1000’s of
Facebook Ads to get you thinking!

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Smart 1 Library

Browse through some Facebook ads that we have collected!


Stuck on what to run? Just need some ideas? We have you covered!

Need to know a
little more

Check out these
Wild Facebook Facts!

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Facebook Fun Facts

We are trying to keep up and make sure you are in the know (or win a techy trivia).

  1. Over 1.2 BILLION people use Facebook every single day
  2. If Facebook were a country, it would be the largest country on Earth.
  3. Facebook can be used in any language. Yes, “Pirate” is included.
  4. Facebook helps you reach your exact target audience with their precise targeting capabilities.
  5. A Facebook Ad can also be placed on Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network (mobile apps & website)
  6. Ads can be dropped directly into your target audience’s Facebook Messenger inbox
  7. 1 minute of every 5 minutes spent on mobile, is on Facebook & Instagram
  8. Over 500 million people use Instagram every day.
  9. Facebook offers retargeting – so you can remind potential customers about your business.
  10. You can upload your company email database and serve ads to those email addresses.
  11. You can match your company’s email database to a “lookalike audience” and find more people just like them.

A Social Media Presence is Important.

A solid online social media presence builds relationships, authority, and confidence, which in turn creates loyalty

Smart 1 Ads allows businesses to engage with current and future customers, while at the same time, building brand loyalty and company relevance. It gives businesses the opportunity to target ads to the correct audience based on things such as age, location and interests. Because Facebook & Instagram Ads are placed in the stream of information that people view, customers and potential customers are more likely to see your ads and take action!  Facebook owns Instagram, therefore, all ads that are run on Facebook can easily populate on Instagram as well!



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Increase brand awareness by getting images out to viewers when they are surfing the web.

Facebook is where your future customers hang out. Learn how to reach them.

Advertisers can now market on Waze and drive customers right to their front door.

Video advertising resonates with web site visitors. Learn how to harness the power of video.

Ensure that consumers who are searching for your products also find their way into your business.