Location Ads

Local Location Ads help to increase brand awareness by getting images out to viewers when they are surfing the web.Even if they have never purchased the product before potential buyers will remember the product from the ads they have seen, even offline.Recent studies have shown that these types of ads can help increase awareness of your brand by up to 63 percent.

Why Use Location Advertising?

Recent studies have shown that banner advertising can increase traffic to a site by up to 300 percent. By increasing awareness of your brand through banner advertising, you can increase both online and offline sales without any actions needed from the user beyond just seeing your ad on sites they visit on a regular basis.

Current research shows that location ads can increase offline sales by as much as 43 percent.Location ads can increase the chances of a consumer recognizing your brand by up to 63 percent for some industries. When they see ads repeatedly on sites they visit, they are much more likely to remember and recognize the brand even if they have never clicked on any of the ads themselves. You must reach potential consumers where they spend the most time, and today that place is on the internet.

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Increase brand awareness by getting images out to viewers when they are surfing the web.

Facebook is where your future customers hang out. Learn how to reach them.

Advertisers can now market on Waze and drive customers right to their front door.

Video advertising resonates with web site visitors. Learn how to harness the power of video.

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