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Advertise your business to drivers with the world’s largest community-based navigation app! You get more visitors to your business – When people tap the ads, they’re provided more information and prompted to navigate or save the location!

What is Waze Advertising?

While on Waze, which has over 50 million global users, drivers can actively report on traffic, accidents, police traps, roadblocks, weather conditions and more. The app collects this information to provide other “Wazers” with the most optimal route to their destination. The more people that drive with Waze, the better the navigation. And the whole goal, according to executives at Waze, is to shave 10 minutes off any car trip.

While Waze is a social app in that multiple users are on the platform at any given time, it is not a leisure app such as Facebook or Instagram. Users actually want to get somewhere, not just pass the time. Advertisers can now market on Waze and drive people right your doorstep.

Community-Based GPS Reaching Over 23M Active Users

Drivers Spend an Average of 10 Hours on Waze each Month!

Hyper - Engaged Community delivering 50M+ Active Reports

Find Out How Easy It Is to Advertise On Waze and Let Your Customers Find You!

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Advertisers can now market on Waze and drive customers right to their front door.

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