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Got Questions – We have Answers

Why is Waze important for SMBs? Why not just do Google Search and Facebook Ads?
SMBs are usually focused on local awareness. On top of that, brick and mortars are currently battling for survival against the e-commerce giants like Amazon. Waze is a solution to help with local awareness and to get more people in your stores.

Why can’t I buy Waze ads on a cost-per-click, cost-per-nav, or cost-per-arrival basis?

We believe that the CPM model is good for both the user and the advertiser. As a platform that needs to keep driver safety as a #1 priority, we never wanted to make money by tricking users into click on an advertisement. We believe we are competitively price without a performance cost model.

I don’t usually look at my phone while I’m driving (I listen to the voice commands), which means there are a lot of wasted impressions/cost. Why should I pay for every impression when I know some ads aren’t even seen?

We don’t charge for impressions that occur when we can detect the screen is off (for example, the screen is locked or in your pocket). We also do quite a bit to ensure we follow the industry standards for viewability. In addition, we have done ad effectiveness studies that have proven our ads are seen, recalled, and influence behavior.

What are you paying for on Waze?

On Waze, you are paying for impressions. It is Brand Awareness with the ability to measure navigations to your store. This is a hyperlocal platform designed to help SMB’s on the map so they can be noticed in their local areas.

Why are Branded Pins so special?

Branded Pins drive Search Navigations! You will not see Branded Pins drive many navigations from the ad, but they drive all Branded Search navigations. Without Branded Pins, you will not show up on the search bar.  

How come Takeover Ads are so much more expensive than Branded Pins?

Takeover Ads are shown when the driver’s attention is highest (when the car is stopped for more than 3 seconds. Once the car is stopped, most drivers will check their phone/app for traffic updates. Because you are reaching them when attention is highest, the ad is offered at a premium.

I want to apply targeting to all my ads, not just takeovers. Why should I pay to reach irrelevant users?

By being a GPS app, Waze, by default, is very locally targeted. For Pins, the only customers that can see your ads are drivers that are passing by your store. Since we do not have a vast user base like Google (Waze has 24M in the U.S.) and we are already doing hyperlocal targeting, we do not want to limit the possible number of impressions even further.

We don’t wish to be associated with an app that distracts drivers and has the potential to make drivers less safe. Don’t ads during a drive run counter to driver safety?

Driver safety is the utmost priority at Waze and we encourage drivers to use the app as it is intended, by docking the phone and leveraging hands free functionality. Everything can be done by voice command. Our advertising is designed to be entirely non-intrusive, which is why our Zero-Speed Takeover, only ever displays when the vehicle is completely stopped for more than 3 seconds.

You show me navigations but not arrivals. We receive arrivals from other publishers – why doesn’t Waze?

We do not report arrivals for a number of reasons. First, we have seen that most Waze users will usually turn off Waze when they get close to a destination for various reasons (ie: they know the rest of the way, save battery etc.) Second, most Wazers navigating to a destination do not always park at the destination. If they park in a parking lot near the final destination, we cannot accurately say they arrived. Finally, we believe that when a user types in an address or clicks an add on a GPS navigation app and begins driving to that destination, that is strong intent they are driving to the destination.


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Smart 1 Waze Video

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Two Unique Placements

Branded Pins

A perfectly placed digital billboard, informing and reminding drivers that your business is on or near their route.

How it looks:

BRAND ICON – 152x112px

How it works:

Tapping the search listing reveals your creative and more information about the location. One more tap can initiate a drive to your location.

Tapping the pin reveals your creative and more information about the location. One more tap can initiate a drive to your location.


Drive There, Save Location, and Call Now


$99 per location.

Zero-Speed Takeover

A large canvas revealed to your selected audience when their attention is highest.

How it looks:


How it works:

Your creative and location information appear once the driver has come to a complete stop.


Drive There, Save Location, and Call Now


$750 (includes branded pins).

$0.00 / month


We know drivers

In fact, we believe we know drivers better than anyone else. Create meaningful local experiences within the context of a drive!

We Create Your Ad

We setup your campaign, complete with creative, messaging, and business category. Next, select your package. That’s it—you’re ready to go!

Drivers see your ad on Waze

Your business is promoted to the top of drivers’ search results. Customers near your business are also exposed to Branded Pins that mark your location on the map.

More visitors to your business

When people tap the ads, they’re provided more information and prompted to navigate or save the location.

Increase brand awareness by getting images out to viewers when they are surfing the web.

Facebook is where your future customers hang out. Learn how to reach them.

Advertisers can now market on Waze and drive customers right to their front door.

Video advertising resonates with web site visitors. Learn how to harness the power of video.

Ensure that consumers who are searching for your products also find their way into your business.